Sunday, June 27, 2010

loving it in Deutschland!

Yesterday we finally left Amsterdam after three days and took a train to Germany to a town called Hermesdorf where my friends live from when I was an au pair in Waldbroel. It was so great to be picked up by a familiar face and talk about the fun times we had last year. Last night we got to play 'around the bird' which is a ping pong game with all of the Germans. Our competitive side came out pretty fast, and the Germans thought that we were pretty funny. Nikki and I actually one some of the games too, so it wasn't all just a bunch of talk. We also got to sleep in a real bed, in a real room, and in a real house. It felt so comfortable that we wanted to sleep forever!

Today we are going to watch the German game against England at one of my friends house. Since USA is out as of last night, it will be fun to root for Deutschland.

We are signing off to enjoy another beautiful sunny day in Deutschaldn.


Carley and Nikki