Friday, June 18, 2010

so far so good.

This trip has been pretty easy so far, considering being in another country. Although the English language helps. Nikki and I have pretty much seen everything there is to see here within the last couple days. We've met a few interesting characters and made a couple friends. Nikki has adjusted easily to the time difference where as I am still waking up at noon which is hindering our plans for the day slightly. Hopefully I will transition very soon so she doesn't have to lie awake in her bed waiting for me to get up.

Nikki just declared that she has had the best yogurt of her entire life from the store across the street. Hearing that, you know that all is well. We also have gotten to display our phenomenal dance moves last night which impressed oh so many people. They knew that we were Ameican instantly. I even showed my lotion dance to one bloke.

Today we are off to Camden Town to check out some markets and diverse locals. It will be a nice change from the busy city life. Tomorrow we head out to Ireland, although have not made the actual plan to get there. I'm sure we will be fine...

Hope all is well at home and we will write when we are in Dublin.

Carley and Nikki

P.S. Nana Terry and Uncle John; thank you for the pounds, they've come in handy for quick breakfasts, lunches, Travelcards, and postcards :)

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